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driftplumeNocturnal Notes is online! Catch this romantic story of eccentric artists caught in the birth of social media, and share it with your friends and better half, today. Visit, listen, and download to your heart’s content in the following sites:


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Nocturnal Notes @ Litfest!

nnheaderCatch Drift Plume this Saturday at Litfest!

Returning to Pasadena, Litfest on the Prowl is hosting live readings, discussion panels, and our favorite events: live entertainment! From Poetry to Stand Up Comedy, Litfest is providing the public free admission to an all day celebration of literary indulgence. The festival is hosting programs within two blocks, and the challenge is to find your seat to this extraveganza of bibliophelia. For FREE!

Drift Plume is performing Nocturnal Notes, written by Eugene Cordell and Stefanie Warner. This ten minute play is set in Los Angeles, during the late end of the millenia of 2007 – a romantic comedy between eccentric lovers (Art and Eve) coping with the complicated culture of the newly introduced smartphone.

Litfest 2012
Photo of Litfest 2012


Yuki Hayashi – an Actress by night, and Assistant Mortitian by day. A fellow Angeleno, who is active in the anime convention scene as a “Moe” Cosplayer. It is rumored that she has charmed Cats to eat carrots…and vice versa.

Tori Rodgers – a student at FIDM, and theatre costume designer. Tori is a versatile Cosplayer and Actress – modelling offstage as videogame/anime characters, and acting onstage as a classically trained thespian. She occupies her boyfriend’s heart with true love and Pocky.

Original Nocturnal Notes Poster
Original Nocturnal Notes Poster

Vincent Vecino – an Actor, Singer, and a Management Specialist. Vincent can organize a fleet to staff events and business operations, and perform Opera in three international languages. The moon tweets him for encores.

So prepare for laughs, prepare for surprises, and prepare for lots and Lots and LOTS OF READING! Catch Drift Plume, as we perform in the streets of Pasadena at Litfest on the Prowl – between Colorado Blvd and El Molino, in front of the Pasadena Playhouse. Street parking is available everywhere. Please come and support the Arts! And did we mention it was FREE?

Litfest on the Prowl
May 9, 2015 | 5PM – 9PM
695 E. Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91101

A Theatrical Reading Premier! Drift Plume flies to Long Beach next month!

Fate Pendulum


Ninja-Con presents a Drift Plume production:

Fate Pendulum’s Project Italy

The fate of the world is in the hands of one teenage girl, holding the key to unlock the gates
of heaven and hell, in this paranormal thriller hidden in the haunted isles of Northern Italy.

A theatrical reading at CALB, starring:

Huisue Lim as Vida

Vincent Vecino as Ayala

Miguel Cuba as Kros

Tori Rodger as Sparrow

Valerie Jaimes as Gentry

Danny Gonzales as Creed

Entry to event is FREE – @CALB | Sept. 5 | 6PM | click for directions
(donation suggested)

Visit for more information:

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The Strongest Actors I Know

On June 6, Saturday, Drift Plume debuted Fate Pendulum at Ninja-Con 2014. The schedule was backed up by 30 minutes, and we were on the receiving end. On Being Human, an alternative rock band, was playing louder and harder – shredding like dragons – just being awesome. Us on the other hand were at a complete disadvantage. While the rest of the anime convention went wild, our panel demanded silence. And silence was far from touchable…

imageDrift Plume’s team that attended to perform were only Stefanie Warner, Eugene Cordell, Vincent Vecino, and The Jon Allen. We did not have a laptop to connect to the projector, in fact, we didn’t have a project to use. We brought only the printed flyers, and were forced to use our theatre voice – loud and louder! Challenging the rock band’s might, we took it upon ourselves to open our iPads and smart phones to recite a scene from the original Play of Fate Pendulum’s Project Italy.

Now, at this point, with an audience of ten people, next to a deafening rock show, and no visuals to accommodate our production’s professionalism, one would think we should have stormed out of embarrassment, sobbed from the humiliation, and blamed Ninja-Con for all of the malfunction during our program. But rather, something unexpected happened. We witnessed a miracle.

imageTrying to explain the project, both Vincent and Jon took the stage and invited a volunteer to join them to perform. Reading from their devices, they acted a piece from the script of Kros manipulating his dead wife’s ghost. Narrating was Jon Allen, as Creed, the Metatron of Fate Pendulum. They held their heads high, they didn’t stutter, they controlled their breathing, and blew our audience away. When things seemed dark, the Cast make room for hope, and luminous did our project become. We beamed with awesomeness, and all thanks to our Actors!

We had a Q&A session afterwards, and the team revealed that the rock group, playing throughout the duration of our panel was no other than On Being Human, our upcoming soundtrack musicians for Fate Pendulum’s Project Italy. Our friends gave us their support, and a few new partners were met to help produce the project. At the end, we had no losses. In fact, we gained a reputation. When the panel nearly crumbled, we pushed on with or without props and technology. It was theatre at its best. It felt so very very true, and because of that act of bravery, we could not deny our mission for this project – “The show must go on!”


Adopting Old Plays

Drift Plume is adopting an old NoHo Play: Nocturnal Notes. The idea came around when Drift Plume was planning its seasons for their campaigns, and an old story was mentioned between meetings. The idea of bringing it back was encouraging, as creativity was the name of Drift Plume’s game, reviving an old Play was more than welcoming to commit.

Nocturnal Notes was originally a NoHo stage play, produced at The Secret Rose Theatre, by StarGazerZ Production. The independent theatre company had disappeared for years, and the rights were never sealed to StarGazerZ. Luckily, the original rights were kept by the writers, Eugene Cordell and Stefanie Warner, allowing Drift Plume to produce the production, so as long as the Writers have creative freedom, as the holder of the rights. Drift Plume has no intent in paying for the rights, as the Writers are collaborating in the production artistically. The production date has yet been set, but the original blog for the prequel has been absorbed into Drift Plume’s roster of subdomains:

Future Press Releases are expected within a month. Please subscribe for more updates.

Building A Community

We’re building our studio little by little, writing, and producing for the first time – at the very comforts of our home. We’ve managed to connect with other at-home studios, and what’s more intriguing is that they too are joining us in Drift Plume. The concept is old, but this method of collaboration is new to us. You see, there are Artists that would rather just freelance, and Artists that would love to be under an umbrella. They feel safer with the umbrella, because as we all know in the entertainment industry, when it rains, it pours. And when a brand is involved, people and businesses trust your production as a respectable profession – insurance and all.

From Downtown to the beaches of LA County, we’re collecting coders, editors, and producers to work at home, and to make audiobooks and visual novels. Writing and designing, we have our in-house Artists Eugene Cordell and Stefanie Warner; together with our Head Producer, Pedro Ortiz. And utilizing our resources as a community, we are creating independent productions for the community. Working under Azure Lorica, a nonprofit charity organization, Drift Plume will be operating as an Arts and Culture program – serving the community with free entertainment. But in order to start this service, we will need to produce stories. And this is where it gets exciting.

[What is a visual novel?] – WATCH VIDEO BELOW

By this summer, Drift Plume is announcing its two new productions, and will be inviting local Angelenos to enjoy free shows, supporting local actors and local artists in Azure Lorica’s biggest event: NINJA-CON!

For more info, click below: