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Building A Community

We’re building our studio little by little, writing, and producing for the first time – at the very comforts of our home. We’ve managed to connect with other at-home studios, and what’s more intriguing is that they too are joining us in Drift Plume. The concept is old, but this method of collaboration is new to us. You see, there are Artists that would rather just freelance, and Artists that would love to be under an umbrella. They feel safer with the umbrella, because as we all know in the entertainment industry, when it rains, it pours. And when a brand is involved, people and businesses trust your production as a respectable profession – insurance and all.

From Downtown to the beaches of LA County, we’re collecting coders, editors, and producers to work at home, and to make audiobooks and visual novels. Writing and designing, we have our in-house Artists Eugene Cordell and Stefanie Warner; together with our Head Producer, Pedro Ortiz. And utilizing our resources as a community, we are creating independent productions for the community. Working under Azure Lorica, a nonprofit charity organization, Drift Plume will be operating as an Arts and Culture program – serving the community with free entertainment. But in order to start this service, we will need to produce stories. And this is where it gets exciting.

[What is a visual novel?] – WATCH VIDEO BELOW

By this summer, Drift Plume is announcing its two new productions, and will be inviting local Angelenos to enjoy free shows, supporting local actors and local artists in Azure Lorica’s biggest event: NINJA-CON!

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