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The Strongest Actors I Know

On June 6, Saturday, Drift Plume debuted Fate Pendulum at Ninja-Con 2014. The schedule was backed up by 30 minutes, and we were on the receiving end. On Being Human, an alternative rock band, was playing louder and harder – shredding like dragons – just being awesome. Us on the other hand were at a complete disadvantage. While the rest of the anime convention went wild, our panel demanded silence. And silence was far from touchable…

imageDrift Plume’s team that attended to perform were only Stefanie Warner, Eugene Cordell, Vincent Vecino, and The Jon Allen. We did not have a laptop to connect to the projector, in fact, we didn’t have a project to use. We brought only the printed flyers, and were forced to use our theatre voice – loud and louder! Challenging the rock band’s might, we took it upon ourselves to open our iPads and smart phones to recite a scene from the original Play of Fate Pendulum’s Project Italy.

Now, at this point, with an audience of ten people, next to a deafening rock show, and no visuals to accommodate our production’s professionalism, one would think we should have stormed out of embarrassment, sobbed from the humiliation, and blamed Ninja-Con for all of the malfunction during our program. But rather, something unexpected happened. We witnessed a miracle.

imageTrying to explain the project, both Vincent and Jon took the stage and invited a volunteer to join them to perform. Reading from their devices, they acted a piece from the script of Kros manipulating his dead wife’s ghost. Narrating was Jon Allen, as Creed, the Metatron of Fate Pendulum. They held their heads high, they didn’t stutter, they controlled their breathing, and blew our audience away. When things seemed dark, the Cast make room for hope, and luminous did our project become. We beamed with awesomeness, and all thanks to our Actors!

We had a Q&A session afterwards, and the team revealed that the rock group, playing throughout the duration of our panel was no other than On Being Human, our upcoming soundtrack musicians for Fate Pendulum’s Project Italy. Our friends gave us their support, and a few new partners were met to help produce the project. At the end, we had no losses. In fact, we gained a reputation. When the panel nearly crumbled, we pushed on with or without props and technology. It was theatre at its best. It felt so very very true, and because of that act of bravery, we could not deny our mission for this project – “The show must go on!”